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Written by Craig Palermo, Front-end Software Engineer living and working in Connecticut (and sometimes NYC).

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Now's More Than Ever

May 31, 2019

If you’ve ever worked in an organization divided into multiple teams, segmented by product, let’s say, then you may have heard of an…

The Importance of Casual Cross-Team Collaboration

May 25, 2019

After a year and a half at my current job, I’ve started to do something different over the past couple months. Whenever I get the chance, I…

Effect of Background JS Processes on UX Performance with React

March 10, 2019

My team recently encountered a problem with a React slider component. We spent a while investigating the root cause, but couldn’t identify a…

Reading List 2019

March 10, 2019

I’ve always had trouble finishing books once I’ve started them. New titles make their way onto the list, and inevitably pull me away from…

Hello World

February 13, 2019

Welcome to my new home page! I haven’t taken the time lately to write, so I figured the first step would be to get a new notebook. This will…