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Effect of Background JS Processes on UX Performance with React

March 10, 2019

My team recently encountered a problem with a React slider component. We spent a while investigating the root cause, but couldn’t identify a single source of the problem. However, I noticed that enabling an ad blocker to prevent 3rd party scripts from loading seemed to help. These scripts (everything from ads to tracking to fraud prevention) added numerous event listeners that would invoke functions on the same interactions that our component in question, in this case a range slider, needed to function. This caused the slider to become monetarily unresponsive and drastically decreased frame rates. This prevented React from making the necessary DOM updates to reflect user interactions, making it ultimately unusable from a UX perspective.

To see if I could recreate this effect, I wrote a simple application to simulate blocking work on the main thread that would delay React’s rendering, causing a framerate drop and the UI to become unresponsive.

Check out the live demo and try adjusting the parameters. The effects are especially noticeable on mobile devices, which we cannot forget to account for in 2019.

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