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Now's More Than Ever

May 31, 2019

If you’ve ever worked in an organization divided into multiple teams, segmented by product, let’s say, then you may have heard of an interesting idea from another team that you’ve wanted to implement for your own. You feel that their workflow, library, or the like could similarly benefit your team. However, you haven’t the time allocated to put it into practice. You’d need to justify to your higher-ups that it would be worth the investment, and your audience’s technical experience can make this any level of difficult.

From my experience, making the investment in the ways and means to improve a team’s quality of life, developer experience, and ostensibly the quality of the product early on can pay dividends later. The product and team culture will benefit from avoiding taking on new technical debt and producing more stable solutions from the start, as well as at each step of iteration, in addition to the perpetual excitement of staying ahead of the curve. Would you rather you and your team suffer through months of uncomfortable and frustrating steps in your daily workflow, or can you avoid it all by acting today? In the long run, now’s worth a lot more than ever.

Craig Palermo

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